Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the purpose of your project?

A: Our mission is to break down the taboo on women’s pleasure -- to make it a topic that people feel comfortable exploring for themselves and talking about with their partners. We want everyone to understand how different each woman is from the next, and to understand the importance of communication in a fulfilling intimate encounter.



Q: Where are these videos going to be shown?

A: We’re building a website that will house all of the videos we’re creating. We’re launching the site in summer, 2015.



Q: Are you building a feature-length film? Will all of these videos be combined somehow?

A: Each of the videos will be featured individually on our site. We hope that will highlight the wide variety of experiences that people have to share.



Q: Who is your intended audience?

A: We expect that these stories will be of interest to women, and to those whose sexual partners are women.



Q: Can I use a mask, disguise, or have my voice altered for privacy in the video?

A: In keeping with the open, friendly, and frank tone of the project, we ask all participants use their real voices to tell their stories, without masks.



Q: Who are you looking for to participate in your videos? What are your casting criteria?

A: We’re looking for women aged 18-99 who are interested in sharing their stories about pleasure. The most important thing to us is that you’re excited to share your experiences, and that you feel comfortable doing so in a videotaped setting. We’re trying to ensure that we share a wide variety of experiences and preferred masturbation techniques.



Q: What steps are you taking to ensure that these videos won’t be stolen or misappropriated elsewhere on the internet?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no technology that can fully prevent people from misappropriating internet content. However, while the storytelling elements of our videos will be fully free and shareable, we’re protecting the nude demonstration portions behind a membership wall. This will help to ensure that only visitors who deliberately wish to visit that part of our resource are doing so.



Q: Will my participation be Googleable if I am part of the project?

A: No. We only use participants’ first names, and offer the option of using a different first name if that’s a more comfortable option for you.



Q: Do I have to orgasm in the demonstration video?

A: We want you to do what feels most comfortable to you. If you feel good orgasming during your demonstration, go for it. If you don’t feel like orgasming on the day of the shoot, that’s also no problem. We’re mostly interested in the demonstration of your preferred technique, and we want the experience to be authentic to you -- not faked.



Q: Are you using men in your videos?

A: No, we’re only featuring women’s stories in the videos we’re creating.

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